Ramset ALL-SECURE Electro Mechanical Rail Drive Continuous Duty Automatic Slide Gate Opener - (No Max Length / 9,000 lbs) - (120V)

The All-Secure is a commercial/industrial, rail drive slide gate operator that features a maintenance free 1 HP motor, allowing this gate opener to smoothly handle gates up to 9000 lbs.
Part Number: ALL-SECURE-120V
$8,901.00 each
$8,901.00 each


Ramset ALL-SECURE Electro Mechanical Rail Drive Continuous Duty Automatic Slide Gate Opener - (No Max Length / 9,000 lbs) - (120V)

The All-Secure by Ramset is a heavy-duty, variable speed, rail-drive slide gate operator designed for smooth, secure and reliable operation of extremely large, heavy gates in industrial and commercial applications. It features a 1 HP - 120 VAC motor with variable gearbox ratios, making it capable of moving gates as quickly as 36 inches per second or weighing up to 9,000 lbs. The electro-mechanical rail drive provides added security with there being no chain required, while the rail itself sits above the drive wheels and limit switches, protecting them from inclement weather conditions and various other debris that can cause operation problems.

Warning: Do Not Install This Gate Operator System Unless You Are a Trained, Experienced Gate Technician.

The All-Secure Slide Gate Operator uses a unique spring mounted suspension system that turns your handyman installation job into a professional one because the spring mounted rail drive chassis will move up and down as well as side to side, ultimately preventing damage done to wheels or the operator itself by misalignment. Additionally, the wheels are constructed of long-lasting polyurethane material and can easily be changed without having to take the motor apart. If you are looking for a commercial or industrial rail driven slide gate operator that will last for years requiring minimal maintenance, the All-Secure by Ramset is exactly what you need.

**Rail Not Provided With Operator. We suggest purchasing locally in order to prevent possible damage from shipping as well expensive transportation costs.

Ramset All-Secure Features:

  • Environmentally Friendly and Made In The USA
  • Electro-Mechanically Rail Driven Slide Gate Operator
  • Can Be Fitted To Almost Any Gate Installation
  • Works With Standard Aluminum or Steel L Channel Rails - No Expensive Rails Needed
  • 120 VAC 1 HP Motor With Slow-Start and Soft-Stop
  • Variable Speeds Available Depending On Gearbox Ratio (1 - 6 Feet Per Second)
  • Length Of Gate Does Not Matter - Can Move Gates Up To 9,000 lbs.
  • Spring Mounted Suspension Makes Installation Quick and Easy
  • Weather and Rodent Proof Circuit Board Housing
  • Carbon Fiber Belt Constructions Means No Stretching Or Adjusting
  • Polyurethane Wheels Provide Long-Lasting Lifetime Use
  • Intelligate control board Packs More Features and Settings Than Any Other Control Board On The Market

Ramset All-Secure Specifications:

  • Max Gate Length - No Limit
  • Max Gate Weight - 9,000 lbs
  • Gate Travel Speed - 1 - 6 Feet Per Second
  • Application - Commerical/Industrial
  • Duty Cycle - Continuous Duty
  • Motor - 1 HP, 120 VAC
  • Control Box Dimensions - 12" L x 12" W x 15" H
  • Overall Dimensions - 26 1/4" L x 16 1/2" W x 29" H

Please Note: To Comply With UL325 Standards, Two Entrapment Devices Are Required For This Operator To Function. The Safety Reflective Photo Eye w/ Hood Kit (33ft) RAMSET-PHOTO-EYE Is Recommended.

Ramset All-Secure Specifications

Ramset All-Secure Rail Drive Slide Gate Operator

Name Ramset ALL-SECURE Electro Mechanical Rail Drive Continuous Duty Automatic Slide Gate Opener - (No Max Length / 9,000 lbs) - (120V)
Input Voltage 110/115/120 AC (60 Hz, 1 Phase)
UL Class I, II, III, IV
Opening Speed 1-6 Ft. / Second
Horsepower 1 HP
Application Commercial, Industrial
Maximum Gate Size No Maximum Length
Maximum Gate Weight 9000 lbs.
Cycles Per Hour Continuous Duty
Warranty 10 Year Residential, 7 Year Commercial, 3 Year Control Boards
Price $8,901.00