Frequently Asked Questions

1. What's The Warranty?

Ramset Automatic Gate Systems offers a 10-year warranty for their openers in residential applications and a 7-year warranty for openers in commercial environments. They also offer a 3-year warranty on the "Intelligate" control board. Here is the warranty sheet needed.

2. Where Are The Openers Made?

All of the Ramset Gate Openers are made in the USA.

3. Do Ramset Openers Meet UL 325 Standards?

Yes, all Ramset models are now offered as being ETL Listed and UL 325 recognized.

4. What Does Whisper Quiet Mean?

Whisper Quiet means that all Ramset openers operate at a quiet and with as little noise as possible, ensuring a smooth performance with as little disturbance as possible to the surrounding environment.

5. What Does Failsafe Mean?

Failsafe is not meant to be confused with Failsecure. Failsafe means that the opener will respond to an error code by opening the gate. For example, if the gate detects something in the way, it will immediately reverse itself to protect that object (a person or vehicle) and the opener. Failsecure is used in high-security environments and will automatically lock the gate in the event of a power failure or any other obstruction.

6. What Are The Most Popular Accessories?

Keypads, Vehicle Loops, Transmitters/Receivers, and Photo Eyes. Be sure to follow the UL 325 Safety Standards when installing these accessories.

7. Why Choose Ramset?

Ramset has been tried and true since 1994. Their warranty shows that they stand behind their product. Ramset openers give the user full control with their industry-leading feature set on the Intelligate control board. All of the Ramset gate openers have a continuous 100% duty cycle ensuring a constant and smooth operation.

8. Can Emergency Personnel Come Through My Gate In Case Of An Emergency?

Yes, there are fire boxes that you can install that will allow the fire department to access your gate safely. When the fire department unlocks the box, there is a system that will automatically open the gate. When the fire department leaves, the lock is again secured, and the gate resumes normal functions.

9. What's The Duty Cycle On Ramset Gate Operators?

Ramset gate operators have a continuous duty cycle. This ensures high efficiency and constant torque.

10.How Do I Add A Photo Eye To My Gate Opener?

Photo eyes are sold separately from the operator. Instructions vary depending on the model but are included with the purchase of it. These instructions detail connecting your photo eye to the opener’s control board. We recommend the Safety Reflective Photo Eye Kit for any Ramset gate opener.