Differences Between A Single And A Dual Gate Opener

Single Versus Double Ramset Automatic Gate Openers

Whether your existing or intended gate design includes one leaf or two leaves working in tandem, RamsetStore offers automatic gate openers that cater to your needs. But what are the differences between a single and dual gate opener? As one might expect, the main difference is in the number of actuator arms one might need. Any automatic gate opener that features the Intelligate Control Board can operate two actuator arms simultaneously, eliminating the need for two separate operators and saving you money. Each leaf will need its actuator arm to function correctly.

Typically, the operator is mounted beside the actuator arm to consolidate space. Because there are two arms to operate, one will inevitably be further away from the operator, causing the cable that connects to the furthest arm to be longer. These cables are crucial, as the actuator arms run on the electricity provided to the operator through either AC power or battery backup. Each cable will have a separate port to plug into on the operator’s control board.

Because the operator’s power is distributed between two separate arms, it will inevitably draw more power from its source, possibly raising your electricity bill. If operating off of backup battery power, the batteries will last a shorter time. This could lead to a shorter lifespan in the event of a blackout over an extended period.

Each automatic gate opener that can accommodate two actuator arms lists its main components and features in the listing’s description. Click on the model or kit you’re interested in, and you can read a more detailed description of the contents of that listing. If you have any further questions about this topic, please feel free to contact our support team.

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