Ramset Key Ring Transmitter, 300 MHz, 2 Button Multi-Code (3083)

Enjoy the simplicity of having your gate opener remote (transmitter) right on your keychain with this Ramset 800-85-11 two button muli-code transmitter. This remote operates at the 300 MHz frequency and features easy code programming.
Part Number: 800-85-11
$34.15 each
$34.15 each


Ramset Key Ring Transmitter, 300 MHz, 2 Button Multi-Code (3083)

Nothing beats the convenience of having your automatic gate opener remote / transmitter right on your key ring. Our new Ramset 800-85-11 is a Multi-Code (3083) transmitter that operates on the 300 MHz frequency. This transmitter is a two channel device, so pressing the left button will send a channel one signal and pressing the right button will send a channel two signal, allowing you to control two separate gates. These two channel buttons feature raised dimples for easy (or vision impaired) identification. This transmitter also has a red test/operate indicator light to allow you to know the signal has been sent. A molded-in hole in the case allows you to easily attach the remote to a key ring.

This key ring transmitter uses two 10-position coding switches to provide a possible 1,024 codes for each channel/button. Once the same code is set on the remote and on the receiver, your gate opener will operate with just the push of a button.


  • Compatible with 300MHz receivers
  • Easy access to battery and coding switches
  • 1,024 possible codes
  • Uses 12v battery
  • 300 MHz frequency
  • 1.5" W x 2.5" H x .0625" D
Name Ramset Key Ring Transmitter, 300 MHz, 2 Button Multi-Code (3083)
SKU 800-85-11
Product Type Transmitter
Buttons 2 Buttons
Price $34.15

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